The Cairn
Shoreditch Sketcher

Venture to The Cairn Distillery to pursue your dream to become an artist.

Aspiring hopefuls will fulfil a long-held ambition to collaborate with one of Instagram's favourite artists - Phil Dean, aka The Shoreditch Sketcher. With over 100,000 followers on social media, published author Phil is renowned as an urban sketcher - bringing real life spaces to life in an interesting and imaginative way.

Our lucky winners will visit London on 18-19th August for an inspiring tutorial of how to capture an urban environment, with Phil giving his tips and tricks he has learned over a lifetime of sketching.   After a few weeks of self-practice, our winners will then join Phil at The Cairn on the 10-12th September 2023 to put their new skills into practice, by sketching the distillery in its stunning natural environment on the banks of the River Spey in the Cairngorms National Park. All travel expenses, tuition fees and materials will be covered. 

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The Shoreditch Sketcher

“Drawing in urban spaces give you a completely new way to engage – to sketch a city is to truly see it,” remarks Phil. “You are out in a public environment, part of the landscape and embedded in your surroundings. You have to embrace the freedom it provides. The Cairn is truly inspirational in terms of its whisky, its building, and its surroundings, so I’m very much looking forward to helping our amateur artists to bring this magnificent place to life on paper.” 

Phil Dean, aka The Shoreditch Sketcher

Phil Dean, Shoreditch Sketcher
The Cairn Sketch June23

Entries are now closed.  Watch this space for further updates.

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